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Classroom Expectations Unfiled
September 4, 2018 4:11pm

Classroom expectations are the same for all PLTW teacher classrooms.

  1. Respect Yourself, Others, and the Classroom
  2. Bring Required Materials
  3. Advocate for Yourself
  4. Follow the Acceptable Use Policy

Since our classroom is so tight and we must often use the hallway, responsible behavior is a must. In addition with such large classes (34 kiddos in the Dungeon with computers) it is difficult for me to see every little thing they are doing. Students like to get behind the computer monitor and then play with things, make gestures at others, not pay attention, etc. I do my best to combat these behaviors, especially when students are not listening or are keeping others from listening. 

Another BIG issue is keeping students on the assigned website. Some students will waste an incredible amount of time trying to play video games, listen to music, or just play on sites everytime I turn my back. When this is going on, there are multiple students not doing what they need to because they're interested in what is on someone else's screen. 

My belief is that if you do something wrong, we'll talk about it (own up to it) and then move on. When you keep doing things wrong, then there's a problem. I will be contacting parents much sooner about problems this year. Please know that if I contact you, then your student has had warnings and redirections. 

Let's work together to keep everyone on track and learning because we really have some cool stuff to do this year.

Melissa Dunaway
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Teacher - Middle School
Investigating Careers: Computer Science and Web Design

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