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School Health Advisory Council (SHAC)
SHAC Accomplishments 2002-2010

The AISD School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) is made up of parents, community members, and district staff and students working together to promote healthy schools and healthy students.

  • Assisted the district in developing:
    1. Healthy vending guidelines for all vending machines.
    2. Criteria for the district's wellness policy.
    3. PE/Physical activity recommendations.
    4. Nutrition support and awareness.

  • Reviewed and recommended:
    1. Health textbooks for K-12.
    2. A coordinated school health program CATCH (Coordinated Approach to Child's Health)
    3. Input on Results Policy 7 Health and Safety
    4. Input to include school health into the District Strategic Plan

  • Developed Fit, Healthy and Ready to Learn, USDA Team Nutrition based initiative
    1. Provided principal and campus level training and resources.
    2. Developed campus nutrition and fitness assessment tool.
    3. Supported campus-level TEAM Nutrition initiatives.
    4. Received the "Awards for Excellence in Texas School Health" in 2003-2004 for the Fit, Healthy and Ready to Learn Initiative.
    5. Recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in their publication, "Making It Happen, School Nutrition Success Stories".

  • Work with AISD Parent Support Specialists and Austin Council of PTA's to enhance parent involvement component of CATCH program.
  • Provide health and wellness related information to the ACPTA website: www.acpta.org
  • Support Health and Wellness Fairs and other community activities.
  • Collaborated with the City of Austin to secure STEPS grant that allowed the implementation of a successful coordinated school health pilot and hiring of a district-level wellness coordinator.
School Health Advisory Council (SHAC)
Tracy Lunoff
AISD School Health Coordinator
1111 West 6th Street
Austin, TX 78703