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Tips For Parents: 'TAKS' Tests Begin March 5; You Can Help Your Student Succeed
February 27, 2008 - Austin school officials remind parents that students will begin taking Texas' standardized tests - the TAKS or Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills - beginning Wednesday, March 5.
The tests are important because students in some grades must pass specific tests to be promoted or to graduate - and because the Texas Education Agency will rate schools based on test results.  
TAKS promotion requirements are:  
Fifth and eighth graders must pass Reading and Math to be promoted to the next grade.  
Third graders must pass Reading to be promoted to fourth grade.  
Students in eleventh grade must pass all portions - English-Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies - to graduate.
"Austin students are up to the TAKS challenge," Superintendent Pat Forgione said. "Students and teachers have been working hard all year. Now we are asking parents to also help their children be a 'TAKS success' by doing a few simple things."  
Children should get adequate rest the night before a TAKS test. The National Sleep Foundation - - recommends that children up to age 12 get 9-11 hours of sleep each night, and teenagers get nine hours.  
A healthy breakfast helps children focus. If children do not eat at home, breakfast is available at every Austin school.  
Children should come to school on TAKS days. Attendance on test dates is critical. TEA requires a test participation rate of 95 percent of students for a school to be in compliance with Texas' accountability system.
"Parents, unless your child is ill, please be sure that he or she attends school on the TAKS test days," Dr. Forgione said. "Please check the TAKS schedule and make note of the dates on which your child will be tested."  
TAKS tests for 2008 are scheduled as follows:  
Texas Assessment of Knowledge & Skills (TAKS)  
Wednesday, March 5  
Grades 3**, 5**, 8**, and 9 Reading (English & Spanish)  
Grade 4 Writing (English & Spanish)  
Grade 7 Writing  
Grade 9 Reading  
Grades 10 and 11* English-Language Arts  
Tuesday, April 8  
Grades 5** and 8** Math (English & Spanish)  
Tuesday, April 29  
Grades 3, 4, and 6 Math (English & Spanish)  
Grades 7 & 10 Math  
Wednesday, April 30  
Grades 4 and 6 Reading (English & Spanish)  
Grade 7 Reading  
Grade 11* Math  
Thursday, May 1  
Grade 5 Science (English & Spanish)  
Grades 8, 10, and 11* Science  
Grade 9 Math  
Friday, May 2  
Grades 8, 10, and 11* Social Studies  
* Must pass to graduate  
** Must pass to be promoted to the next grade

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