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Hart Elementary School

Hart Elementary School
8301 Furness
Austin, TX 78753
Phone Number: 512 841-2100
Fax: 512 841-2190
Sonia Tosh
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Campus Facts
Blue Ribbon School: No
Date Built: 1998
Grades: K-5
Academy: No
Day Care:
After School Care: Yes
Mascot: Rocket
School Colors: Blue & Gold

Mission Statement

The mission of Hart Elementary School is to create and sustain a community of learners that will allow each child to become an active participant in constructing his or her own knowledge and to contribute to the greater good of the community through collaboration, negotiation, and shared goals.

Other Information:
At Hart Elementary School our student or learner is at the center of all we do.

Mixed-age, flexible grouping through vertical teaming provides support for our learner. Hart Elementary School is structurally divided into sections or vertical teams. Each vertical team includes students with a wide-range of ages (pre-kindergarten through fifth grade) who work in groups based upon student needs, strengths, interests, and learning styles, not solely on a student's grade level. Our children remain in the same vertical team throughout their elementary career at Hart Elementary School, thus providing continuous opportunities for our staff, students, and families to bond in a nurturing, stable and consistent environment. This continuous progress model allows Hart students to rapidly move on as they master content, or to repeat content in different ways to gain better understanding.

Large blocks of learning time are a part of each school day. Connections are made between subjects through interdisciplinary instruction. Broad themes such as change serve as the focus for engaged learning in all subjects. Using a project-based, hands-on curriculum, learners at Hart Elementary School use a variety of resources to seek out, analyze, and manipulate information to create understanding. Our learners and teachers work together in groups to problem-solve and share ideas and duties. This collaborative learning is the key to success in the 21st century workplace.

Hart Elementary School is proud of its state-of-the-art technology infrastructure and technology-rich environment. Each classroom has at least one networked computer workstation with direct connection to the Internet and global e-mail, as well as a telephone with voice mail capability on every teacher's desk. A phase in of five networked workstations in each classroom is in progress. Also available for learner and teacher use are software programs, CD-ROMs, and access to other technology such as laser printers, LCD projectors, scanners,laserdisc players, televisions, VCR's, camcorders, digital cameras, cable TV, and a schoolwide public address system. The technology environment of Hart Elementary School is designed to support both individual and collaborative learning activities and to enable our students and staff to use technology as a readily available productivity tool and as a powerful means of accessing rich information resources.

We measure student learning through authentic assessment using real life experiences through a process that includes a variety of forms: observation, conferencing, portfolios, self evaluation, and formal tests. Student assignments are often project-based.

Our teachers, administrators, parents, and community members meet regularly to make decisions which best serve the needs of our learners through site-based decision making. In addition, our teachers and administrators continuously seek and share learning for school improvement through professional learning communities. At Hart Elementary School, our teachers are facilitators of learning, rather than deliverers of information. They guide our students as they work toward goals, modeling for and assisting them as both mentors and co-learners.

Offering light, nourishment, and strength for the growth of our learner, the teacher, and the family is the supportive administration.

The family is the foundation for our learner and provides essential and untiring support for all parts of the flower.

Our school district and all of the community groups and organizations provide unlimited resources to enable our learner to nourish into a successful and productive contributor to society.

School Goals

Implement initiatives which will ensure a rigorous, challenging, and authentic curriculum in order to promote student achievement
Implement appropriate technologies across all areas of the curriculum
Encourage parental and community involvement in order to foster student achievement
Create and nurture a school climate that allows each student to realize his or her full potential

Major Programs and Initiatives

A balanced literacy program aligned with the TEKS and AISD Curriculum Frameworks
A comprehensive math program aligned with the TEKS and AISD Curriculum Frameworks
Technology integration across the curriculum
Establishing a school climate that will promote student achievement
Community and parental involvement to promote student achievement
Odyssey of the Mind
Creating an after school enrichment program
Development of grant proposals to support thematic studies
Working with the University of Texas to identify and explore areas for research study
Development of a summer school program
Implementing a Student Council
Establishing a school choir
Establishing a school newspaper
Acquiring an early childhood playground
Integrating Pre-K classes into the vertical teams