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O. Henry Middle School

O. Henry Middle School
2610 West 10th St.
Austin, TX 78703
Phone Number: 512 414-3229
Fax: 512 477-7428
Peter H. Price
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Campus Facts
Blue Ribbon School: No
Date Built: 1953
Grades: 6-8
Academy: No
Day Care:
After School Care:
Mascot: Mustang
School Colors: Red and White

Mission Statement

Mission Statement
All students will progress academically and intellectually, and will graduate prepared for personal success and inspired to contribute to society.

O. Henry Middle School

Belief Statement

We believe that

· Our school community should ignite and facilitate a life-time desire to learn
· Our middle school must educate the whole child—academically, socially, emotionally, physically, and artistically
· Providing a positive, safe, and nurturing environment encourages learning
· Students and teachers need to be technology-competent to function in the 21st century
· A strong partnership between school, parents, and our community must be maintained in order for our students to maximize their potentials
· An environment of positive role models and diverse experiences fosters understanding of the world and ourselves

School Goals

Goal 1: Improve Student Achievement
· Improve student scores on the 2008 math TAKS exam
· Train math teachers in IPG’s, APG’s and Pre-AP
· Assign students who failed 2007 TAKS math and/or reading to Read 180, ARI, AMI, OEY, Mustang Tutors, Mustang Motivators, Longhorn Leaders, and/or PALS
· Improve Commended TAKS math scores for G/T and/or Pre-AP students

Goal 2: Improve Student Preparation for College and Career
· Conduct college and career awareness programs throughout the school year
· Facilitate training for parents regarding college application and financial assistance process
· Encourage students to enroll in Pre-AP classes

Goal 3: Improve Programs and Services to Students
· Train teachers and staff on student management and Positive Behavior Support (PBS) program
· Expose students to Character Education and Life Skills activities in RODEO and classrooms
· Train more parents and community members to serve as Mustang Tutors
· Improve communication with parents regarding academic assignments/progress

Goal 4: Reduce the Number of Special Education Referrals and
Increase Inclusion of Special Education Students in General Education Classes
· Reduce the number of students referred to Special Education
· Increase the number of Special Education students in General Education classes

Major Programs and Initiatives

· Expose students served under Section 504, including those identified with Dyslexia, to effective reading instruction. (Board Policy #2 And Strategic Plan #1)

· Increase the number of students in Keyboarding and Technology Education classes (CATE) meeting the standard (Board Policy #3 And Strategic Plan #1)

· Recognize students positive contributions with “Awesome Effort” awards. (Board Policy #2 And Strategic Plan #1)

· Increase parent involvement in PTA, Academic Enrichment Committee, Nutrition Committee, and Learning Walks. (Board Policy #2 And Strategic Plan #5)

· Conduct cultural awareness training with teachers and staff. (Board Policy #2 And Strategic Plan #1)

O. Henry