Austin ISD's 2009-2010 End of School Year Report

We are very excited to present Austin ISD's first End of School Year Report. The interactive timeline format of our End-of Year Report allows you to relive some of the most significant moments of this past school year through photos and videos and print. You can concentrate on a certain event, navigate the timeline, or follow it chronologically. If you want more in-depth information about events on this timeline, use the Search function on the AISD website.

This report gives you a way to see the 2009-2010 school year as a whole. And, taken as a whole, this year shows real progress. From the all-staff Convocation in August 2009 to the community forums on the Strategic Plan and the Budget to our Virtual Student Jam in May, we have worked to make the Austin School District more open, engaging and transparent for our students and their families and for the greater Austin community. We really believe in the "Power of Us" and the ability we have as a community working together to make Austin ISD the leading urban school district in the nation.

Our new district direction is being felt throughout the system and in every classroom, school and department this year. In this report, you will see an accounting of key district milestones as well as highlights of the year, including the work of students and our recognition of the Teachers of the Year. We hope you find this cost-effective and environmentally-friendly report both useful and informative.

Please click here to view the introduction from our Superintendent, Dr. Meria Carstarphen.

AISD is using YouTube to host the videos on this end-of-year timeline. Any other videos hosted by YouTube are not associated with this timeline and are not affiliated with AISD.