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Strategic Plan, 2005-2010
Table of Contents

The AISD Strategic Plan for 2005-2010 clearly focuses on education. We firmly believe that all of our students should be as well educated as any in the world, and that all of our students have the capacity to be high achievers. More simply, our students are the reason why we are here. But the Strategic Plan also addresses community, staff, and resource concerns to provide a balance in perspectives to ensure that all parts of the district organization work together to achieve excellence.

NOTE: The Strategic Plan and Executive Summary are set up for two-sided printing, with offset margins for hole-punching; any blank pages are intentional. The Strategic Plan is available in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. If you do not yet have Acrobat, you may download the free Acrobat Reader from



Dr. Forgione's PowerPoint Presentation to the Board of Trustees

List of Acronyms and Terms Used in the Strategic Plan


A Message from the Board of Trustees, Superintendent and Cabinet, and Strategic Planning Panel

Section One: Strategic Plan Framework

Section Two: Community and District Profile

Section Three: Highlights of Recent AISD Achievements

Section Four: Current AISD Initiatives


Section Five: What Will AISD Look Like in 2010?

Section Six: Overarching Goals, Priorities, and Strategies

Section Seven: Performance Indicators


Section Eight: Communications Plan

Section Nine: Consideration of New District Initiatives

Section Ten: Annual Strategic Assessment

Section Eleven: Aligned Action Plans


Section Twelve: Strategic Planning Process Overview

Section Thirteen: Strategic Benchmarking

Section Fourteen: Environmental Scan

Section Fifteen: Draft Strategic Plan


Appendix A: AISD Board of Trustees Results Policies

Appendix B: AISD Board of Trustees Executive Limitations

Appendix C: The Principles of Learning

Appendix D: College and Career Preparation Challenges and Recommendations

Appendix E: Guidelines for Model Customer Service

Appendix F: Strategic Planning Panel Recommendations on Priorities and Strategies

Appendix G: Strategic Planning Panel Recommendations on Performance Measures

Appendix H: Staff Focus Group on Strategic Plan Implementation Processes

Appendix I: Consideration of New District Initiatives

Appendix J: Strategic Plan Relationships

Appendix K: References on Characteristics of Highly Effective Schools

Appendix L: References on Strategic Planning Best Practices

Appendix M: Reference Strategic Plans from Other School Districts

Appendix N: Individuals Interviewed During Plan Development

Appendix O: Board of Trustees Input on Strategic Plan Priorities

Appendix P: District Advisory Council Recommendations on Strategic Plan Priorities

Appendix Q: Austin Council of PTAs Recommendations on Strategic Plan Priorities

Appendix R: Online Survey of Strategic Plan Priorities Summary of Results

Appendix S: Summary of Outreach Activities for Review of Draft Strategic Plan (May 13 - June 30, 2005)

Appendix T: Summary of Public Meeting on Draft Strategic Plan, June 15, 2005

Appendix U: Summary of Stakeholder Input on Draft Strategic Plan

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