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Every Day Counts - AISD Attendance Campaign
2010 Every Day Counts

5 Quick Facts

  1. Missing school one day per week means missing one full year of instruction for every five years that they are in school.
  2. Every day a student is absent from class costs AISD $45 in revenue from the state.
  3. Every day a student is absent from class costs AISD $45 in revenue from the state. If we raise the attendance rate by just 1 percent district-wide, it would result in $5.6 million per year in increased state revenue. That's money that goes directly into your child's education.
  4. If AISD had 100% attendance each year, the school district would receive $50-$60 million in additional state funding annually.
  5. A diploma has an economic value! High school graduates earn 38 percent more than those without a diploma, and college graduates earn 140 percent more! By graduating from high school, your child can earn more than a million dollars in their lifetime. That can lead to even greater success if they attend college.

Give your child every opportunity to succeed in AISD by encouraging excellence school attendance.

Updated as of 2010-11 school year. For current information, please visit
Every Day Counts
Department of Communications and Community Engagement
1111 W. 6th Street A-230
Austin, TX 78703


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